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Fusion 360: Installation and Lesson 1

To download, login to the site and click on Products >> Fusion 360 > Download.

On mac, open the disk image and launch the installer. On windows, launch the installer.

Lesson 1

Start by opening the Fusion 360 app.

In this lesson we will show how to make simple sketches and simple 3D operations.

The Sketch

In Fusion 360, everything is made of a sketch and then an operation on that sketch. To make a cube, you sketch out one face and extrude it, or add a height, to make it 3D.

We will start by sketching a simple square:

Click on the sketch button in the top left. Then, click one of the planes that are proposed. Use the top plane:

Then, you are presented with a new menu bar on top with different sketch operations.

More coming soon!

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