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Python for EV3

Here is where we will post resources for using EV3 MicroPython with the EV3 system, how to teach, and materials for prepping a class. These materials are provided free of charge for everyone, though please do not resell them for a profit.

Software Installation and Download


  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Robotics Programming, Python basics
  • Lesson 2: Moving Forward without Sensors (Dead Reckoning) (coming soon)
  • Lesson 3: Follow the Edge of a Black Line (coming soon)
  • Lesson 4: Going straight with Gyro (coming soon)
  • Lesson 5: Motion Planning Strategies (coming soon)
  • Lesson 6: Variables and Functions (coming soon)
  • Lesson 7: Parallel Beams, and flipping by moving and lifting (coming soon)
  • Lesson 8: Advanced Gyro Functions to go faster and slower straight with gyro (coming soon)
  • Lesson 9: Using the Touch Sensor to self-adjust parts or reset their position (coming soon)
  • Lesson 10: More complex python programming (coming soon)
  • Lesson 11: Using classes and multiple files to organize your code – prep for FTC (coming soon)

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