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Smoothing edges

Once a SolidWorks-designed object is final, it can be sent to a slicer for a 3D printer, and then 3D printed (with various resolutions). In general, real life objects around us have edges which are not sharp (except for instance knifes, scissors, or pencil sharpener blades). So most advanced 3D modeling software have automatic procedures to help doing exactly that.

In SolidWorks, this can be easily done with the ‘Fillet’ button (from the ‘Features’ menu)

In order to apply it, before clicking it we need to select one or more edges we want to smooth. So we can select the outer edge of the top of the cylinder, and click on this button. Then, the left dialog opens and we can change it to 2mm and request a full preview:

Once we are happy with this (we can play around with the radius, or other options, which are more complex, and, of course, we can again rotate the view all we need), we validate it and we obtain it:

We can of course do the same with the inner edge, as well as with the edges of the boxes.

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