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Lesson 5: Motion Planning Strategies

Understanding how to travel on a robotics mat can help tremendously. We believe in “coopertition” (cooperation and competition) so we are not going to give your team a solution, but we can teach you two algorithms that will make your robot move accurately on any FLL robotics mat mat.

One strategy is to use the black lines to travel through the mat.

Following the black lines on white background is the easiest way to make a robot follow a pre-determined path. On the edge of the line the value seen by the color sensor (Reflected Light Intensity) should be around 50, the average between white(100), and black (0). The principle is to make the robot turn towards black, when the sensor “sees” white, ie. a value larger than 50 , and to do the opposite turn when it “sees” black it.

A second strategy is to drive straight using gyro and to catch the positioning black lines and stop at them.

We use the strategy planner developed by FLLTutorials to explain what we meant by positioning black lines and stop at them.

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